Extension Author Description Date Added
Add Overlap
Alexandre Saumier Demers RoboFontExtension 17 April 2014
Miguel Sousa Use adhesiontext.com from within RoboFont 16 June 2015
Adjust Anchors
Adobe Type Tools 25 February 2015
Adjust Metrics
David Jonathan Ross Adjust the left margin, right margin, or both, with options for which glyphs in which fonts, and what to do with those pesky components. 13 April 2013
Anchor Overlay Tool
Jens Kutilek A tool for anchor placement, accent preview, and component positioning. 24 September 2016
Arrange Windows
TypeMyType Cascase windows inside RoboFont. 13 April 2013
Alexander Lubovenko RoboFont extension AutoSaviour will save all your open fonts every 600 seconds automatically 8 July 2014
TypeMyType Batch generate fonts to various formats. 18 May 2015
Eduardo Manso 15 April 2015
Black DesignRecorder
BlackFoundry Script for RoboFont –requires DrawBot for RoboFont 18 December 2016
Bounding Tool
David Jonathan Ross An editing tool that also helps you visualize the bounding box of your current glyph or selection. 13 April 2013
Broad Nib Background
asaumierdemers 8 February 2014
CharacterSet Switcher
Alexander Lubovenko simple tool for character set change in current font 31 July 2014
Gustavo Ferreira RoboFont extension to compare font tables in two .otfs 18 April 2016
Thom Janssen Lock contours so you can not edit them. 20 May 2014
Copy Glyphs
Ben Kiel Copies the selected glyphs from one open font to other open font(s). 1 July 2014
Copy Smoothness
Typefounding Copies point smoothness from one font to another font(s) if glyphs are interpolatable. 7 June 2016
Alex Jacque CopySidebearings takes the sidebearings from your glyphs in one font, and copies them to their respective glyphs in another font. 19 August 2015
Corner Tools
Loïc Sander 10 November 2014
Cross Overlap
Thom Janssen RoboFont Extensions 3 June 2015
Curve Equalizer
Jens Kutilek A panel to adjust and balance curve handles. 16 October 2013
Delorean: Interpolation Preview
CJ Dunn Preview how a glyph will interpolate while drawing in RoboFont 29 April 2014
LettError A RoboFont extension for creating and editing designspace documents. 26 November 2016
DrawBot DrawBot is a powerfull 2D graphics scripting tool. 15 December 2014
Feature Preview
TypeMyType Preview OpenType features. 13 April 2013
Ghostlines Integrates feedback from friends and peers into your drawing process 7 March 2017
Glif Viewer
TypeMyType View and edit the current glyph .glif data. 13 April 2013
Glyph Nanny
http://tools.typesupply.com A live report about potential drawing issues in your glyph. 15 August 2014
Glyph Select
David Jonathan Ross Search for glyphs using a variety of parameters, such as glyph name, base name, suffix, unicode, and unicode category. 13 April 2013
LettError A sketch for a panel to browse and select unicode categories, ranges and glyph lists. 28 February 2016
Lukas Schneider GlyphGiffer lets you export glyphs from a folder of .ufo files as an animated .gif. 16 November 2017
Thom Janssen GlyphMorf is an experimental way for making parametric adjustments for a font. 29 November 2017
Jens Kutilek A glyph preview window that can be freely rotated. 7 November 2013
Lukas Schneider GlyphWalker lets you walk simultaneously back and forth trough all fonts while showing the current glyph. 26 May 2017
TypeMyType Gold fever, everything you space will be gold! Deinstall to remove the gold. 18 May 2015
Ground Control
loicsander 18 May 2014
Gustavo Ferreira hTools2 as a RoboFont extension. One-click installer! 5 June 2014
Interpolation Matrix
Loïc Sander 4 November 2014
Interpolation Tool (beta)
Alexander Lubovenko Python scripts and Extensions for RoboFont 18 October 2013
Italic Bowtie
David Jonathan Ross & Cyrus Highsmith Visualize and set italic angle and offset values, and skew and reposition glyphs accordingly. 4 March 2014
sansplomb 5 January 2015
Franz Heidl RoboFont extension to transfer glyphsets across fonts in style 10 August 2013
TypeMyType Checks kerning in the UFO file and compares it with the generated binary file (otf, ttf only). 24 February 2016
Alexander Lubovenko KernTool is extension for working with kerning in Robofont. It consist of two parts: KernObserver and KernTool 17 January 2017
Layer Preview
TypeMyType Preview layers and test install separate layers. 13 April 2013
LettError A tool for calculating gray levels at any point in a glyph. 13 December 2015
TypeMyType A developer helper shows internal RoboFont notification logs. 13 June 2015
Measure Handles Tool
Gustavo Ferreira, Johannes Breyer A Robofont Tool to show/hide the length of handles. 5 October 2015
Jack Jennings Package manager for RoboFont extensions 13 April 2013
Ordered Generate
Ben Kiel Applys an encoding file’s glyph order when generating a font. 24 August 2015
TypeMyType Outlines strokes. 30 April 2013
Overlay UFOs
David Jonathan Ross View an overlay of any glyphs from any font behind or beside what you are drawing. 13 April 2013
TypeMyType A small tool to perform boolean operations. 13 June 2015
Thom Janssen Adds a PDF button to SpaceCenter 6 May 2014
Loïc Sander 8 May 2015
Pixel Tool
TypeMyType Draw with pixels. 30 April 2013
Jack Jennings A simple, centered, "plumb-line" glyph guide 3 May 2013
Jeremie Hornus Extension for RoboFont 1 May 2014
Jérémie Hornus and Samuel Hornus RoboFont Extension 24 September 2014
Ramsay St.
TypeMyType Show neighbours. 1 May 2013
Random Word Generator
David Jonathan Ross Some tools for working with UFOs in RoboFont. 13 April 2013
Red Arrow
Jens Kutilek Mark technical outline errors in your glyphs. 26 October 2014
Jack Jennings Simple, filesystem-based versioning 13 April 2013
Responsive Lettering
LettError Tools for previewing, editing, generating responsive lettering with svg/html/css/javascript. 14 February 2016
FontFont Edit and generate color fonts in various formats. 12 August 2014
RoboFab Docs
RoboFab Developers The RoboFab Documentation as a RoboFont extension 5 October 2015
Frederik Berlaen A developer profile tool. 13 June 2015
Frederik Berlaen A Robofontextension package for polygon selection tool 20 August 2015
Tal Leming An interactive Python interpreter for RoboFont. 11 July 2016
Jack Jennings Embedded to-do tracker with font- and glyph-scoped to-do items 13 April 2013
Frank Griesshammer Robofont extension for joyful rotation of whole glyphs or selected outlines. 1 March 2015
TypeMyType Save a version of UFO next the the current document. 28 September 2015
Loïc Sander 8 June 2015
Timo Klaavo Arrow tool for scaling curve segments while moving on-curve points. 30 April 2013
Shape Tool
TypeMyType Draw primitieves: rectangles and circles. 1 May 2013
Show Character Info
David Jonathan Ross Unobtrusively display a readout of the unicode character represented by the current glyph, its hex unicode value(s), and unicode name. 16 February 2014
Show Delta
David Jonathan Ross Some tools for working with UFOs in RoboFont. 13 April 2013
Show Mouse Coordinates
David Jonathan Ross Get a readout of information about the mouse: its current position, how far it has been dragged, the dragging angle, and the dragging distance. 9 May 2013
Frank Griesshammer Robofont extension to show quick info about point selection. 20 December 2014
LettError Colorful visualiser for RoboFont 19 May 2017
Franz Heidl A tiny Extension for RoboFont to equalize sidebearings for all or a selection of glyphs in a font. 13 April 2013
TypeMyType Slant glyphs without losing extreme points. 13 May 2015
Space Flip
Nina Stoessinger RoboFont extension for viewing SpaceCenter contents upside down 21 May 2014
Jackson Cavanaugh Add a change case button to Robofont's Space Center 3 May 2014
Nina Stoessinger RoboFont extension for changing glyph name suffixes 15 December 2014
LettError Tell Superpolator to update when saving a UFO. 17 March 2016
Nina Stoessinger RoboFont extension for finding touching/colliding glyph pairs. 14 October 2014
TypeMyType Auto trace images. 10 October 2016
UFO Cleaner
Jens Kutilek Display and delete hidden data in your UFOs. 23 December 2013
Underline Strikethrough
Ben Kiel Visually sets underline and strikethrough values for font info. 1 July 2014
Unicode Info
Jens Kutilek Display Unicode name, block, and glyph name info in a window. 19 January 2017
Version Control
Alexander Lubovenko Python scripts and Extensions for RoboFont 27 August 2013
Nina Stoessinger RoboFont extension for making test words 3 December 2013
asaumierdemers 8 February 2014
LettError Highlight points that are very close to alignment zones. 27 December 2016

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